I can hardly express my gratitude for this web site.




Best Regard's

Kefah abu Othman



Assalamu Alaikum

I' am sending you this message to say "Jazakom Khare for your Web Page" may ALLAH be pleased with you.


Bahjat Qazzaz

Computer Arch. And Operating Systems

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona



Although I' am unable to understand your service, but my

colleagues who are working on the Arabic Site tell me that you and your voluntary teachers have put together some excellent content that will without doubt be of value to students and teachers in schools in the region.


All the very best

Philip Waite


It is a great work you have done.  It is a good idea if

you add an option to print any class or in each class activate print option to print that class.



Bashar Nusir

Computer Services Supervisor

School Of Engineering

American University of Sharjah



To the most respected Arab educator in the Middle East. 

Your Web site is the best of all, even better than American Web sites. I' am a volunteer teacher for the Arabs in our Area here.


God Bless you

Amin Ismail

Portland Oregon USA


I have looked into your website and want to thank you

personality for a great job you have done.I think this is what we need to boost science in our area.


Dr. Aziz Shawabkeh

Dean, Faculty of Science

Birzeit University



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