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School Arabia Portal

schoolarabia.net is web-based knowledge establishment, providing a pan- Arab, interactive,  teaching and learning environment for learners in different stages of their education.


It is one of the few websites of its kind in the region, aiming to introduce information technology to learners to become an everyday tool & to enhance their ongoing contribution to society as lifelong learners and professionals.


There are no entrance requirements, and we pride ourselves in being an equal opportunity knowledge-based portal aiming at providing a web-based interactive learning environment for those in need and the less served individuals and communities.


Our mission:
To provide a web-based interactive learning environment to Arab students through developing a scientific approach to the school curriculum, thus enriching their focus on education and expanding their aptitude in information technology related skills.


Our vision:
To be the leading provider of high quality web-based educational content and related services while using cutting-edge technologies, and delivering excellence by contributing towards a productive role of Arab students within the international global village.



Our Goals:
*Provide education for all in an equal opportunity environment using  top-of-the-line technology and quality material.

*Provide a pan-Arab curriculum and ensure a productive role for Arab students.

*Focus on basics, concepts, and idioms, using independent and critical thinking methods.

*Provide a wide scope of education and learning that extends beyond the school curriculum.

*Contribute to enriching the Internet by providing a platform for cultural exchange.

*Provide a secure and socially acceptable environment.


Our Rationale:

God sends the sun, but man makes his own shadows 


We have the means, but we must also have the courage to create our own mold with our pan Arab spirit.


About Us Our founding principals Our Digital Content Educational portal



P.O. Box 2494 Amman 11821 Jordan Phone + 962 6 4620805
E-mail :
adm@schoolarabia.net  - Website : www.schoolarabia.net