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schoolarabia.net is a web - based knowledge establishment which provides a pan - Arab interactive, free teaching and learning environment for learners in different stages of their education. It is one of the few websites of its kind in the region, aiming to introduce information technology to learners to enhance their on going contribution to society as lifelong learners and professionals. Our goal is to introduce information technology to students to enhance their learning to the utmost and ultimately to become an everyday tool in their lives.

The teaching environment / interactive learning:

The schoolarabia.net environment encourages interactive participation between learners, parents, teachers, along with people who work in new technologies. Through our connections to different networks in which the strategies of teaching develop, we offer both learners and educators an inter- connected collection of chances and challenges. This interactive environment also encourages curiosity and imagination for learners by providing highly relevant information.


The interactive teaching / learning environment that is used by Schoolarabia, focuses on basics, concepts and idioms, since they are key to the whole thinking mechanism. We also provide a wide range of top- quality educational choices and learning curricula, presented to generate understanding. This interactive environment utilizes new forms of communication. It also includes special pages for teachers to submit their ideas and experiences, so that learners are guaranteed the best scientific outcomes.


schoolarabia.net aims to create an interactive network of geographically distributed libraries, and to represent a new language within the world's cultures.


Through its interactive learning environment, schoolarabia.net delivers comprehensive curricula and facilitates utilizing databases through active linking between Script and available technology.


The interactive learning environment enables the process of self testing as a basic part of the learning process, and also as a way for the learner to discover more about himself and how he best learns. Self-tests are accessible at any time during the online learning process. They have the added benefit of providing a stress-free environment for self-evaluation. This empowers the student by de-sensitizing the actual test, thereby reducing the anxiety, which often prevents them from succeeding on official exams.


About Us Our founding principals Our Digital Content Educational portal


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