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School Arabia provides a dozen of subjects in the liberal arts and sciences including general knowledge topics for primary, intermediate and secondary levels of schooling through an interactive, dynamic environment. School Arabia directly addresses teachers and parents by instructing them with different methods of teaching for certain subjects, particularly scientific ones, through the use of innovative concepts and lessons. School Arabia subjects include the alphabet, Arabic songs and colorings for children, Arabic, Math, and general sciences for primary and elementary students; along with Arabic, Math, Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology , Astronomy , Computer and IT lessons for intermediate and secondary students.


School Arabiaís Arabic lessons and alphabet tutoring for children are in great demand and highly appreciated in Arab expatriate communities. Arab youth often lose their mother tongue fluency in a foreign country while parents attempt to preserve the language; School Arabiaís free tutorial has been a winner in this regard. Teachers working with Arab children overseas consider the web content a rich and attractive resource for their daily use at schools.


Through its various alliances with international organizations such as Kidlink, student factory.org, ThinkQuest, School Arabia provides an exciting, enlightening platform for youths and other users to become aware of issues outside their immediate area. Through communication with the outside world, the room for mental growth is infinite. 


In addition, School Arabia provides information on issues of interest worldwide such as the anti-drugs campaign, environmental awareness, children and womenís rights, poverty and population issues, as well as other relevant news that effect different people in the same way.


School Arabia has embarked on a number of translation schemes including translations into Arabic of Study Guides from the University of St. Thomas and of Distance Education at a Glance from the University of Idaho. School Arabia is thus linked and has access to top-notch educational resources, providing a well-rounded learning environment for the end-user.




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