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Our founding principles

Champion the vital importance of the educational process
in the development of a well-educated base of Arab learners


Recognize the importance of an informed public, well aware
of the universal issues faced by people across cultures.


Promoting excellence in our educational content by building a unique and interactive image of a pan-Arab curriculum based on a blind of scientific approach with a wider curriculum of education, which includes current affairs, human rights, environmental, and social issues.


This educational philosophy distinguishes schoolarabia.net as a participant in a world-wide movement advocating experiential, cross cultural learning. Our affiliation with this philosophy advocates for robust virtual learning environments which move well beyond the constraints of traditional textbook learning.

Today, Arab governments are focusing on information technology with the goal of creating an educated society capable of contributing and competing on a global scale. The Arab ministries of Education plan to computerize all schools and to introduce the Internet to all learners. Our work at schoolarabia.net complements these efforts.

The Arab world shares a common language, understanding, and education.  Our goal is to play a leading role in contributing towards the productive participation of Arab learners within the international global village.

The focus of our participation in the virtual world is on providing pan- Arab curriculum which celebrates, preserves, and publicizes our unique cultural heritage and legacy. 
schoolarabia.net project is therfore, a very important steppingstone for the Arab world to join in the virtual world arena.

UNESCO has stated that education is the fundamental pillar of human rights, sustainable development, and peace, and shall, therefore, be the first priority of the world in the 21st century.  schoolarabia.net aims to inform public understanding about the value and role of education.  An essential step in this effort is the creation of a large database of outstanding and relevant educational and of science literacy resources. Also inherent in our educational mission is the need to raise awareness of human rights and environmental issues.

The schoolarabia.net site will host such unique services as:
An ask-a- teacher hotline
  Bi- monthly e-homework sheets for each subject
  Career and college consultation sections
  Educational clubs & Cyber study- stations.

You can participate in this endeavor by sponsoring us in our efforts to establish a wider curriculum.  With your support, we will be in a much stronger position to enhance the educational process, and to provide students with the necessary science, liberal arts and technology skills to assure them entrance into the global marketplace as productive Arabic participants.


About Us Our founding principals Our Digital Content Educational portal


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